Stroll the Martinez Market

The summery and lovely weather we are having calls for a stroll to downtown Martinez on Thursday to the Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market to check out all the fresh fruits and vegetables from the fields in the nearby valleys.  As an extra inducement to visit the market, Sugar and Spice from Richmond will be offering [...]

So Many Choices

Boy-O, Boy-O Boy!  Shopping for your fruits and veggies at the Pacific Coast

Farmer’s Market on Main Street on Thursday is always lots of fun because the choices you can make will be so many!  This is a super season to fill up on the fresh produce brought to us from nearby farms.  Even though a [...]

Summer’s Bounty

It’s summer and our choices of fruits and vegetables are seemingly endless! Going down the aisle of stalls at the Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market on Thursday on Main Street is such a treat.  Just looking at the variety of fruits and vegetables available directly from their harvest at nearby ranches makes one grateful to be [...]

The Flowers That Bloom In the Spring, Tra La!

Wow!  As I write today (a few days ago for you) there is no mistaking that we have skipped Spring and are now enjoying Summer!  That may be a bit optimistic on my part, I agree, but the temperature on my deck is strictly summertime.  My apricot, plum and apple trees all have little green [...]

Explore New Vendors

            Spring has certainly sprung with the Vendors at the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market on Main Street on Thursdays in Martinez.  Fruit and produce galore – in varieties and colors for all our menus.  It’s the start of a great new season.

            The Pt. Reyes Oyster Co. from Tomales Bay is now offering their organically [...]

Munching Along

            To borrow a phrase from Archie (the cockroach) to Mehitabel (his cat ladyfriend), “There’s nothing I like better than a warm bath and a bite to eat.”  I must, however, take poetic license and amend that line to “There’s nothing I like better than a stroll and a bite to eat.”  That’s because it’s [...]

Fresh, Local Produce

It’s really great to have our local Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market open now in downtown Martinez from 10 am to 2 pm on Thursdays.  That means we can get fresh-from-the-fields fruits and vegetables.  Golly, it must be Spring!

Brilliantly and appropriately suited Mr. Carrot was greeted by genial Market Manager Sameer Poudyal as the Market’s vendors [...]

End of the Season Here

It’s hard to believe that we are just a short time away from our Thanksgiving holiday!  And so, too, we have come to the end of Martinez’ Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market Thursday event.  Luckily we are in an area where other nearby Markets are still in session, but it was certainly nice to host our [...]

Organic Offerings

             For those of you who wish to prepare foods from organically grown fruits and produce, the Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market on Thursdays at Court and Main Streets has just what you are looking for. 

            Medina’s booth brings you a lovely array of their current crop of raspberries, strawberries (huge!) and blackberries from their fields [...]

Fall’s Bounty at the Farmer’s Market

Fall’s Bounty at the Farmer’s Market

          Even if you don’t plan to cook, do come down to the Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market at Court and Main on Thursday and feast your eyes on the fruits and produce this season has for us.  Such bounty!  Such variety! Such color!

            At the Main Street end, do look [...]