This Week's Featured Product is Honey

Honey is the product of the elegant dance of bees. Bees fly several miles to collect the nectar of flowers and return to the hive having digested the nectar into honey, which is then aerated by the flapping wings of bees in the hive. The local flora and ecology directly influences the flavor and texture of the honey produced, giving each region its unique variety.

Honey has a special place in human culture and history, from the pre-domestic human consumption of mead, or honey wine, to the sweetener of the imperial elites in recent centuries. Honey and related bee products ? like bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly ? are known to have antioxidant, energy-enhancing, wound-healing, and even anti-cancer properties.

One bee produces approimately 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime, so cherish it: 8 ounces of honey is the life's work of 576 bees!

You can purchase honey from Marshall's Farm Natural Honey or another of the local farmers selling honey.

Marshall's Farm offers natural and organic gourmet honeys from the mountains, valleys, seacoasts and back yards of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Once you get your purchases home, check out our delicious recipes using honey.

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