This Week's Featured Product is Persimmons

In California, hundreds of different varieties of persimmons flourish. The two most common varieties are?the dark orange, acorn-shaped Hachiya and the light orange, tomato-shaped Fuyu.

Hachiyas undergo a bletting or fermentation process before being conusmed, which removes the astringency of the natural tanins in the fruit. Once the Hachiya persimmon has ripened to a soft, juicy mess, you can spoon out its exquisitely sweet and delicate pulp.?

Fuyus, however, can be eaten while still firm. Their characterisitc flavor make persimmons great in salads, breads and desserts, dried in a traditional Japanese fashion known as Hoshigaki, or simply on their own.?

You can purchase persimmons from Twin Girls Farms or another of the local farmers selling persimmons.

Ignacio and Casamira Sanchez purchased and planted their first 6 acre farm in 1989 with a farmer's market in mind. Twin Girls was certified organic in 1999, and now owns more than 420 acres of land.

Once you get your purchases home, check out our delicious recipes using persimmons.

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