This Week's Featured Product is Watermelon

Watermelons are a refreshingly juicy summer treat and are the perfect accompaniment to any party, picnic, or barbeque. They are best cut into pieces and enjoyed raw, but can also be used in salads or soups or blended into drinks. Choose firm, symmetrical, fruit free of cracks, bruises, or soft spots. Ripe watermelon will have a healthy sheen, a dull rind, dried stem, and a buttery yellow underside where it touched the ground.

Once picked, watermelon will not ripen easily, making the farmers? market the ideal place to buy the freshest, juiciest, sweetest watermelons.

You can purchase watermelon from Phil Foster Ranch or another of the local farmers selling watermelon.

Phil Foster Ranch is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers .

Once you get your purchases home, check out our delicious recipes using watermelon.

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